viernes 24 febrero 2012

AND presents: BOHO, A Charming Time BOHO is derived from Bohemian. The term Bohemian emerged in the early 19th century in Paris, to stay forever.

Thinking of Bohemiennes Romance, Sensuality, and Authenticity come to mind.

Because times change but people don’t, we have combined romance, sensuality and authenticity in one great piece of jewelry.  

AND BOHO Sarah, Mata and Aurore are now for sale on our website. Click here for more info.

jueves 2 febrero 2012

Announcement BOHO Launch

AND is about to launch a new, unique collection of watches for women. Of unsurpassed beauty, unseen design and proven quality. Inspired by female icons that coloured and shaped one of the intriguing episodes of hour contemporary history. 

We have named this new Heritage collection BOHO. And once you see it, you’ll understand why … 

Stay tuned, more AND to be revealed on this site within the next few weeks.