viernes 25 marzo 2011

AND and Textilia

The magazine for Dutch fashion professionals added the WetRubber RedCoral Date to their trend overviews.

Click here to see the WetRubber Date RedCoral small.

miƩrcoles 23 marzo 2011

AND and Margriet!!! It is Spring and one of the best read Dutch magazines for timeless women, Margriet, knows what you need. Big, colourful watches!

So yet again, it’s AND time. To be more precise: "WetRubber BlueGrey large".

Please go to our Press page for the pictures.

miƩrcoles 9 marzo 2011

AND online shopping at I LOVE FASHION NEWS

There we go again. Pull out your Ipad, BlackBerry or just your laptop!

The “bloggers” of I Love Fashion News had to write about our new Evolution WetRubber collection. AND we love them for it!

Check out this link  to read the article.

jueves 3 marzo 2011

AND online shopping at byDanie

Nothing beats chilling with a magazine and a good coffee in a comfy chair. Just relaxing by absorbing “of-no-importance” fab facts and tantalizing eye candy.

What to do if you are sitting in your chair with the coffee, but without that great magazine?

No worries!!!!

Get your Smartphone, Ipad or whatever other handy WiFi device and go to byDanie. Styling queen Danie Bles brings a great new online shopping magazine.

The fact that our new WetRubber watches are highlighted underlines their true knowledge of style.