Friday October 26 2012

Black Prince AND TOP GEAR

Can you get it more masculine?
Fast cars and great watches in the TOP GEAR magazine.

AND´s Stones Black Prince is amongst the other watches as `knight in shining armour`.

Monday October 8 2012

Doutzen Kroes AND BOHO Marie Anne

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes seen with the BOHO Marie Anne! via Bild online.

Friday October 5 2012

AND there she is:

After months of hard work it has finally arrived. We can proudly present a new member within the BOHO line: "AND BOHO Mary".

In line with the other BOHO watches, a stylish tribute to an extraordinary woman: Greek opera diva Maria Callas.

Earlier this year AND took the past to the present with a new, unique line of watches for women: BOHO. A line in AND's Heritage Collection, inspired by strong women who aren’t afraid to swim against the current and dared to make their own choices: Bohemiennes.

Born in New York but raised in Athens, Maria Callas becomes within a few years the greatest singer of all time: La Divina. The multifaceted life of Callas, with many highs and lows, is processed in a playful way in the BOHO Maria. The anchor, heart and all other charms are subtle references to the rich life of this opera diva.

Like all BOHO watches the Maria comes in a very special packaging, which can also be used at parties as a stylish clutch.

For more info, please click here.

Monday October 1 2012

Edelmetaal, October 2012

Edelmetaal is the quarterly bible for Dutch jewelry.

So AND has to be in it. In the autumn edition you can find the BOHO Aurore, BOHO Mata & P.M watch.

Click for more info: BOHO Aurore, BOHO Mata AND P.M watch.