Monday May 28 2012


"Glans" means "shine" in Dutch.

AND that is what the AND BOHO line does in this edition, SHINE!!!

Tuesday May 15 2012

Summer AND Elegance

The Summer starts and then you buy the Elegance, full of beauty tips, travel destinations AND Summer looks.

It’s no news if our newest line, AND BOHO, isn’t mentioned. Elegance lets BOHO Aurore star in all its splendor.

Click here for the article AND here for the BOHO Aurore.

Friday May 11 2012

AND Veronica

Veronica, the only style guide, which also serves as TV guide.

Despite other famous actresses our BOHO Sarah is stealing the show.

Click here to see the article AND here to see the BOHO Sarah up close and personal

Thursday May 10 2012

AND Now: Bracelets

YOOOOOOOOOH, What a party! A new AND product, BOHO bracelets, arrived and are ready to conquer all lady wrists in Europe.

The BOHO bracelets are a new line in AND's Heritage Collection. The bracelets are made of beautiful ribbons, cords and chains, have gold or silver charms and are packed in an original glass tube with cork.

And in line with the other collections of AND, each bracelet has a name of special historical persons. Of women who have played a role in the lives of BOHO-muses who lent their name to the BOHO watches.

Click here for the whole collection