Friday February 24 2012

AND BOHO: A Charming Time in Supperclub Amsterdam

Launch of AND's BOHO line.

The elite of the Dutch fashion press gathered in Supperclub Amsterdam on the 23rd of February to witness the launch of AND's unique watch line, the Heritage BOHO.

It was a big success based on the enthousiastic reactions and the articles in several newspapers like het Parool

Thursday February 2 2012

Announcement BOHO Launch

AND is about to launch a new, unique collection of watches for women. Of unsurpassed beauty, unseen design and proven quality. Inspired by female icons that coloured and shaped one of the intriguing episodes of our contemporary history.

We have named this new Heritage collection BOHO. And once you see it, you’ll understand why …

Stay tuned, more AND to be revealed on this site within the next few weeks.