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  • AND tries to keep the separation of you and your AND as short as possible. After your order via the internet AND will post your watch immediately.

    Within The Netherlands you should receive the package within three working days. Outside The Netherlands it is depending on local post services. In general this should take seven days.

    In case you would like to receive your watch faster, please do not hesistate to contact us via telephone or email.

  • At AND accessories we only work with pedigree designers. After a youth dominated by love and a great education, our designers are put on a strict diet and exercise plan to keep top fit.

    Only the best input will bring the best output.

  • Company: 27 Ångström BV

    Bank account no: 663257859

    IBAN/SEPA no: NL61INGB0663257859


    Bank name: ING BANK N.V

    VAT no: 821698564.B01

    Chamber of Commerce no: 34370959


    Street: Koningin Wilhelminaplein 12 C03

    ZIP code: 1062 HK

    City: Amsterdam

    Country: The Netherlands

  • 27 Ångström BV is the company behind AND accessories. The name is derived from 26 Ångströms the maximum width of DNA strings. This refers to AND, the inversion of DNA. As our company strives to be a bit more in everything, it's called 27 instead of 26 Ångström.

  • AND watches have a guarantee of two years on the casket and the Citizen Miyota movement.

    AND can't give a guarantee longer than three months on the strap and none on the glass, because the lifetime of these items is mainly depending on the way people use them.

    Based on normal usage the glass will never break and the strap will last for at least three years.

  • We understand that as a proud AND watch owner you would like to change straps once in a while. That's possible!

    You can buy seperate watch straps. It's quite simple to change your existing strap.

    Next to extra straps, we offer luxurious travel boxes. In this way your AND watch will be protected on a trip to a sunny paradise.

    At this moment you can't buy these products via the website. But you can order them. Just send us an email.

  • Almost every watch has been designed and sold in the consumer market. Nowadays every watch brand has different fashionable colors. And still AND distinguishes it self in the current market.

    Contrary to fashionable watches of other brands, the AND WetRubber line is not of plastic thus light weight. All AND watch caskets are stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and ceramic. This makes AND watches a real watch for a good price.

    The Stones series offers complete ceramic watches, which are incomparable in price and design.

    But in the end, you buy AND watches because they are extremely beautiful!!!!!

  • The water resistance of a watch will depend on the manner in which the casket is built.

    Not all waterproof watches are water resistant under all circumstances. Manufacturers use different terms in different categories. These markings are on the back cover and / or dial. They are expressed in pressure (ATM, Bar or Meters) which is the result of a standard test taken at room temperature.

    Based on these standards you can expect the following:

    3 ATM / 3 bar / 30 meters: resistant to rain and splashes. 

    5 ATM / 5 bar / 50 meters: resistant to showering or swimming, provided no large temperature differences! Advice: better to take of during swimming because temperature changes can cause leakage.

    10 ATM / 10 bar / 100 meters: suitable for most types of water sports such as swimming, surfing, sailing or snorkeling in shallow water, not for platform diving or scuba diving. Advice: be careful with large temperature differences.

  • In watch making, a process called Ion Plating is often used to color plate a stainless steel case. Colors like Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Gray, Coffee or even a "Rainbow" effect can be added in this way.

    Ion plating (IP) is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. This process is a technique by which coatings of a substance, usually a metal or a compound, are deposited upon a target part or surface. The coating material is vaporized and ionized by an electric arc. Then it’s shot at a high speed towards the target. The electrical charge of the ionized particles causes them to apply to the surface of the target. This is usually done in a vacuumed chamber.

    By using IP plating, AND’s products get a more scratch resistant surface. This benefits the durability of the watches in the long run!

  • Of course! AND has a wide range of straps for the P.M watch with multiple color combinations. This gives you the ability to customize the P.M watch to your style and taste.

    The AND P.M watch straps are sold separately. Click here to check them out!